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Our company works in partnership with West Budapest Estate Property Management on a daily basis since 2007.

Our co-operation:
They mediate us property owners requirements, and we serve market reports and forecasts to them related to their property portfolio. By monthly meetings we check the recent situation of each property stopping by the ones which any change happens with. We built up a Pre-Booking System together what allows to keep the apartments cc. 100% rented.

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West Budapest Estate Property Management

Office: 1075 Budapest, Holló str. 10. (Gozsdu Yard development block "C")

Postal address: 1392 Budapest, postafiók 288.

Landline: 0036 1 878 13 34

Fax: 0036 1 878 13 33

Mobile numbers: 003620 5379715, 003620 5319702